Who We Are

SGF Infra is an EPC contractor with a passion for results. Ranked among the top contractors in the J&K state, we are a self-performing commercial contractor and construction manager that has grown with our clients despite working in some of the most hostile working conditions. Whether a multi-crore bridge or a small culvert, we execute every project with relentless accountability. We are a mission-driven company that aims at becoming the largest contractor in North India by 2030. Our strategies and execution approaches are aimed at building long-lasting relationships with our clients and channel partners.

A full-service EPC firm focusing on executing projects in complex environments

What We Do

We offer end-to-end services right from initial ideation and design to execution and commissioning of projects.

Engineering & Design

Innovation in Design and Engineering is one of the key drivers of cost-efficient and stunning projects. Our design team carefully analyses the project requirements and delivers high-quality designs which are constructible, safe, and economical. With the successful completion of more than 250 projects, our impeccable track record and experience enables us to create the most cost-efficient solutions for our clients. We also have in-house capabilities for undertaking geotechnical investigation and conducting topographic surveys to arrive at the most optimal solutions.

Services Offered:
Sub-Soil Investigation
Topographic and Alignment Survey
PSC Bridge Design
Steel Building Design
Highway Planning & Design
Structural Design for Buildings
Target Value Design


An effective pre-construction plan defines the entire lifecycle of a project and drives the success of numerous project elements. Our preconstruction team members are passionate and trusted advocates who prioritize predictability through an aggressive and analytical approach. Our preconstruction services go well beyond traditional open-book cost projections and value engineering to create more reliable schedules and estimates you can count on. Our Takt time planning and daily work planning systems enable our clients to achieve greater control on the project schedule and manage uncertainties effectively.

Services Offered:
Cost Control
Cost Estimating
Bidding and Procurement
Constructability Reviews
Takt Time Planning
Life Cycle Cost Analysis
Fabrication Solutions
Virtual Modeling and Coordination

Virtual Design & Construction

The advent of 3D modeling systems have enabled the industry to build a digital twins of projects before even setting foot on the ground. Our Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) services enable us to foresee construction-related problems that are likely to be encountered while actually executing the projects, thereby eliminating rework and losses. Depending on the requirements of the project, information models are created and effectively used before and during construction to keep track of changes and plan alignment and orientation of various components in the project.

Services Offered:
Reality Capture
Model-Based Estimation
Clash Coordination
Virtual Tours
3D Fabrication

Construction & Development

Starting traditionally as a bridge construction company, we have diversified over the years into other types of civil infrastructure works like roads, highways and buildings. We take pride in self-performing on our projects and have a state-of-the-art fabrication facility in Jammu, J&K.

We are now present in multiple states and have been associated with a large number of public clients. Our Execution team consists of experienced engineers who have sound technical knowledge and are able to contribute effectively in the timely completion of projects.

Projects Executed:
Drainage Works
Pipeline Works
Overhead Tanks
City Electrification


Fabricating components off-site under controlled conditions enables us to achieve greater control over quality and accelerate the on-site activities. The difficult locations in which we execute our projects have limited working season and the practice of pre-fabrication greatly reduces our on-site activities leading to a timely delivery of projects. We have expertise in the fabrication of steel bridges, sheds, prefabricated huts, precast concrete, railings, expansion joints, and wall panels.

Products Fabricated:
Steel Buildings
Prefab Huts
Puff Panels
Precast Railings
Expansion Joints
Rocker-Roller Bearings

Manpower Services

Productive manpower is essential to the success of any project and with our first-hand experience in the construction of a diverse set of projects in all types of locations, we have access to a huge pool of workforce which has national as well as international working experience. Our manpower has worked in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia and has experience in all types of trades. We send manpower to international projects after conducting interviews and trade tests as per the requirements of the client and ensure a hassle-free recruitment process.
These services are provided through our subsidiary, Kasuka Consulting Private Limited. For more information, reach out to us at info@kasuka.in

Trades available:
Shipping and Packing
Marine Works
Reinforcement Binders
Machinery Operator


Construction of 325 Mtrs Single Span Motorable Suspension Bridge over River Chenab at village Trungal, Assar, Doda

Design and Construction of 135 m long steel bridge of Class A Loading over River Chenab at Dhamkund, Ramban

Design, Fabrication and Erection of Pre Engineered Building including all civil works for Coca Cola at Bari Barahmana Jammu

Construction of 31 Buildings and other infrastructure at Mauritius - Confidential Client

Construction of 74 Mtr Span Steel Girder Through Type Motorable Bridge in Km 5th RD 300-400 of Chassana to Kalaban Road.

Construction of Road from Dagair To Panaya vide Package No. JK05-62 Block Khour, Phase VII

Design And Construction 30 Mtr Span Pmt Steel Girder Bridge With Rcc Decking On Open Foundation Over Nagrah Nallah (Nagrah Bridge) At Km 0.980 On Dul Galhar Road Under 118 RCC/35 BRTF Of Project Beacon In J&K State

Design & construction of 80 Mtr bridge with Steel Super Stucture over Kunnore Nallah on Sanku Sapila Mulabek road in 126 RCC/762 BRTF under Project Vijayak in J&K

Construction of road from Gagger to Bhimdasa Package JK14-94 Phase VII Stage1

Design, Fabrication, Launching and Commissioning of 60 Mtr Span Double Lane steel grider Motorable Bridge with RCC decking over Indus river at Choglamsar.

Design & Construction of 80 Mtrs. span single lane steel truss Motorable Bridge over River Shayok at Thang Nobra

Construction of shed for all civil works for Highcent Infra at Birpur Jammu


Earth Moving Machines


Heavy Motor Vehicles


Civil, Electrical & Mechanical Engineers


Completed Projects



In the challenging topographies that we work in, innovation is a must. Our innovative systems have helped us manage these challenges, given us a competitive advantage, and enabled us to deliver projects successfully.

Extreme Weather Concreting

We work in the mountains where the temperatures usually touch below the freezing point on the onset of winters. In such conditions, contractors usually wind up their work and wait for the next summer season. But we work with have water heating systems and specially designed concrete mixes, which enable us to reliably pour concrete even in freezing conditions. This helps us extend our working season and extract the most out of our resources.

Cross River Material Delivery System

While constructing a bridge across the mighty Chenab river, we faced a unique challenge as there was no access to the far side of the river through a road. Our team innovated a material delivery system which then became the lifeline of the project for transporting manpower and machinery successfully to the far bank of the bridge. The system consisted of an engine-run pulley system that had two carts, one for transporting materials and another for passengers. Check out the video to see it working!

Design Engineering

Designing longer span bridges with the normally available E250 Grade Structural Steel was proving to be uneconomical. Our design team then did a feasibility study for procuring and using Structural Steel of higher grade, to optimise the quantities. As a result, we were able to lower our quantities by 15% thus saving on raw material & labour costs. Similarly, for concrete design, our team runs multiple simulations using advanced FEM techniques, before finalizing the design so that the material costs are optimised.


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For international projects and manpower services: info@kasuka.in

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